Leaf Yellowing Normal?

Day 62. I see leaves starting to yellow. Particularly on one plant however others are as well. I just started back to pure well water yesterday. Previously I was feeding lite nutrients for about a week or so. One plant is a very pretty purple hue in the leaves Anyway is the yellowing normal at this time? They are looking great otherwise.


Normal flower fade. Remove leaves as they release from the plant.


So almost 9 weeks from seed? Are they autos. I feed up until a week to two weeks before harvest. Some yellowing is normal and they fall off or you can remove them. Yellowing leaves can be a lot of different things.
Typically, yellowing leaves in your cannabis plants will indicate that there is some form of stress impacting your crop. Anything from plant disease, insect pressure to a basic nutrient deficiency and watering practices can be reasons why your plant may begin to show signs of stress such as loss of color.
One of the main reasons for leaves turning yellow is inappropriate pH levels of the nutrient solution. These levels must be between 6 and 7 when growing in soil, while in coco coir or hydroponics, they can be between 5.5 and 65. If the leaves start turning yellow, this could be a sign of a non optimal pH level .

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Thanks. They are autos. Strawberry Pie The nutrient PH was 6.1. I’m using soil. I think I’d be wise to just stick with water the rest of the way.

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They do not stop feeding. I personally would not stop them artificially. Those leaves are low and large. She will eat them. Only a few here and there. You are green and look healthy. If all in line worry if she shows a plantwide yellowing. Just my thoughts.


Your plant is starving. Keep feeding it only well water and your problem will only get worst. Good luck.


It’s getting worse. I hope it’s salvageable

IMO trim a few yellow leaves so it doesn’t spend energy on trying to repair it spends the energy on the good that’s left.
When I say trim trim leaves only and I only see maybe 20 or so leaves I would trim. Like last picture there’s one that just pointing to the devil and one face and right in front of you in the middle looking sad. Those a good candidates to get rid of. The energy that plant would will be better used once they’re gone.

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Looks hungry.


Thanks. That’s what I did. My friend told me that this yellowing is normal. He said the plant is funneling all its energy to the flower. He advised flushing and then only water until harvest. It’s in the tenth week and as an autoflower it’s timing out.

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