Leaf yellow help me please

Pot size : 12lt
Ph :6.2
temperature: 83’F
25 plant
4x400 Mh light
Vegation 3 week
moisture: %42

Sensi Cal-Mag Extra : 2 ml/L
Terra vega. 2 ml
Cannzym : 4 ml/L
Piranha : 0.5ml/LUploading: A108F96E-BB83-428C-A4DE-8826AD465137.png… Uploading: 66BE02F1-C093-4E2C-90FE-0A7C37447309.png…

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Looks like it needs more magnesium. Or it was under a really intense lighting at one time…
Epsom salt will help with recovery, but the damaged leaves will not recover. Look for new growth.


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