Leaf tips yellowing and some clawing...watering, lights?

Hi guys. Got another question for you all. Any help is appreciated.

Auto CBD Critical Mass @ week 6 & Auto Blue Dream @ 5 weeks
SF2000 in a 4x2
Growing Organic in coco using Down to Earth amendments and worm castings.
Water ph to 6.5
Top dressed a week ago w/ Down to Earth Flower & worm castings
Watered 2 days ago. Top inch of soil was still slightly moist, will be watering in the morning.
Day temps between 77-80 (try to keep it mid 70’s)
RH between 45/50
Recently dropped the light to 18" but moved it to 20" suspecting leaf burn.

The Critical Mass has the more developed buds and more of the clawing.
The Blue Dream has more tip yellowing. Both are the same height.

Little over watering and the tips shes telling ya that is a good amount of what you have been given her for feed looks good though.

Overwatering huh? I was thinking I wasn’t watering enough. The pots feel pretty light but the soil is moist at about an inch down. I was about to water but then decided to come on here and see what the community had to say. Thanks for your thoughts.

Thats my thoughts it happened to me when i started with autos and the tip i would say stick with that amount your using but try feed one water the next time and so on

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Are you saying to top dress but don’t water in?

Yeah just water from here and see what she does

Ok, I think I got ya now. I wasn’t planning on giving another feeding. I’ve heard no feedings within 2 weeks of finishing and these genetics say they finish in 8 weeks so I’m only a few weeks out. Thanks.

They do look nice though good job

Thanks. It’s my first grow so I think they’re a little small. I had to go out of town during prime veg time and they didn’t get enough water. I also missed prime LST time.

Dont look to small give it time you will be saying are these to big cause these autos get fat lol

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Fingers crossed! Thanks!

8 weeks of flower or 8 weeks from germ?

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Fall back on the feed. The dark green waxy color on curved down tips means she’s got nitrogen toxicity. The burnt tips are from nitrogen burn. She’s close to lock out. Need more PK at this point than N. They need more N in veg than they do in flower. Since you are well into flower. She’s telling you now that she’s getting too much.

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8 weeks from germination.

Thanks. I feed via top dress and dressed a week ago with Down to Earth Flower which is 4-8-4. I thought the N was a little high for cannabis at this stage. I won’t be feeding again.

Likely that means 8 weeks after the pistils show vs 8 weeks from germination. If that’s the case, you have 2-4 weeks left. By the looks of your plant, you are less far along then you might be thinking.


I could have misinterpreted the seed details. Just double checked and it says “Flowers 8 weeks”. Bought them here on ILGM. Reading the reviews and some say they were able to harvest in 9 weeks. I will say, they did start to show signs of flower at 3 weeks. We shall see. The others are definitely going to take longer.

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Usually an Autoflower timeline goes like this.
1 weeks seedling phase
2-3 weeks vegging phase
7-10 days preflower/transition
8-10 weeks flowering phase
Harvest when….

Know that is a generalization, so is the vendor timeline. not always that way. Sometimes can be faster sometimes can be slower. Only way to tell if a plant is done is the trichomes.
Beware- Harvesting too early/ immature trichomes can increase the, what are often thought of as, negative effects of marijuana use. Anxiety, paranoia, restlessness etc. wanna make sure they are all at least halfway cloudy.


I agree, shes got a long way left. 4 weeks or more maybe. Those buds will really fatten up.


This is a great guide. Thank you.