Leaf progression that shows healthy plants

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From seedling, leaf progress goes, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,…
Is this always a correct statement in healthy growth?
Any deviations to that statement pertaining to healthy plants.

What if she has 2 nodes, with 3 leaves were it should have been 5. What might possible causes be for this?

Just learning as to what I’m seeing in all related pictures. Being able to spot healthy plants and plants in possible need of something early growth.

Please and thanks.

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Nature is not perfect you can plant 5 seeds from the same strain and have 5 different looking plants. just because it has different shaped or number of leaf’s doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy sometimes the weird ones end up being you best plants

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Its hard to see root growth, therefore, above ground other than some testing numbers are whats seen to monitor healthy plants.

Thus far, we’ve had 5 seeds that have or are growing as previously stated. 13579…in leaf progression.

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I would like to know why. I had a 1-5-7 last summer, it’s seed-sisters were 1-3-5-5-7 and something else. The 1-5-7 did mature and harvest first but some other factors didn’t match so couldnt be a comparo