Leaf edge dead. Leaves not perky

I have a 2 HLG 260 light panels. I have the light at 50% and 2 feet away. I’m using Pot for Pot growing system. I’m watering about a 1/2 pint once a week. Light 18 on and 6 off. About 3 weeks old. Auto flower.

What could be going on?

Soil looks a little dry, give it a drink.

@MattyBear knows more about this pot for pot

Under the thin top layer, the soil is still moist though.

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That’s good then.
Honestly it looks healthy, leafs are dropping a bit but just keep an eye on it.

How bout a shot from further back see what your working with. What soil comes with pot for pot and do you pH water. Any thing you have to say is interesting I should learn more about ILGMs pot thing. LoL I don’t know much about it. It’s soil it looks not coco?

How long had the light been on when you took this pic? Looks like a plant that has hit its DLI and is calling it a day

Looks to me your soil is just a little hot should snap out of it as the roots develop. Sometimes the roots run into a piece of decomposing material that is causing a little extra nitrogen in that spot

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Well, only for about 4 hours. But, it looks like this all day.

Here is a wide shot of the area.

Leaves are starting to turn yellow.