Leaf diagnosis with late start SLH

Had a late start so my (4) super lemon haze plants are not doing well I just got some nutrient mix from fox farms and I am hoping that and cal mg will revive my plants can anyone give me an idea of why my leaves are turning this color?
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@Indicorski try to post your pictures again. Here are some charts to look at while you do so

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@Indicorski indoor SLH grower. Watching.

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@Indicorski watch the bottom of the reply page. It has to finish uploading before you hit the reply or they wont upload to the page.

And we need a pic of the whole plant.

@Indicorski looks like “spent” leaves. They’ve served their purpose and yellowing to shed. Lower leaves shed as they mature making room for new growth. What soil are you in? Day temps/night temps. Photo or auto?

I would say excess chlorine or iron deficiency if they arent just spent leaves as mentioned above. What are you feeding for nutrients and what’s the input ppm and ph?

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@BigCat420 i can definitely see excessive chlorine if he’s watering straight from a garden hose. @Indicorski water type?

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If your using tap water ive seen @Myfriendis410 mention beforr you can add hydrogen peroxide to it to instantly oxidize it or just leave it out to sit for a day or 2


Tap water that I buffer after testing ph. tonight was first feeding with fox farm big bloom and cal mg according to the directions. Ph balanced with a final ph of 6.4 before watering. I don’t know how to test for ppm honestly I am a big time noob.

Coast of Maine stonington blend is the medium I am using

@Indicorski i would transplant it new soil bigger pot it will thrive my friend happy growing

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This is super helpful! Thanks for sharing! Thinking I might have a potassium deficiency on my Durban poison photoperiod. It’s in a 10 gal bag filled with coast of maine stonington, which has previously been amended with bone meal, langbeinite and worm castings. About two weeks ago I started half dose of fox farms open sesame (5-45-19; half teaspoon in two gal of water twice a week). I’m seeing tips of leaves and leaf edges turn black and some of the older, larger fan leaves are discolored. What do you think?

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@Indicorski You need a pen to test your ppm. I wouldn’t recommend any pens cheaper than $35-$40. The one below would be a good start but they dont deal well with being dropped lol ive had one before. If budget isnt an issue i love my bluelab pens and always reccommend them.

Most meters and pens, measure the Electrical Conductivity (EC) of your nutrient solution. Pure water, like reverse osmosis (RO) water, has no conductivity. This is why, when you place an EC or PPM probe into pure water, it does not register on the meter. When you add nutrient solution it conducts electricity. The more nutrient solution you add, the higher the conductivity level, which causes the reading on your device to rise. What is the difference between EC, PPM, and TDS?

  • EC = Electrical Conductivity
  • PPM = Parts Per Million
  • TDS = Total Dissolved Solids
  • All meters/pens measure EC. The EC measurement is then converted to PPM or TDS using the following formulas;
  • EC X 700 = PPM 700; Example: 1.00 EC = 700 ppm.
  • Or 1.3 EC x 700 = 910 ppm
  • EC X 500 = TDS (or PPM 500); Example: 1.00 EC = 500 ppm.
  • Or 1.3 EC x 500 = 650 ppm
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Id say your spot on with your assumptions referring to my above charts. N no problem man we are all here to help. Trying to figure out whats going on my with ladies now if you or anyone else might have a guess. The leaf by the pink pipe cleaner feels dryer than most the other leaves and a rougher texture where as a fresh healthy leaf will feel smooth and a bit moist

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