Leaf Detective Needed!

I moved this Indica plant from a veg tent to outside about a month ago. Noticed a few brown spots over the last few weeks. Now it has progressed to eating through leaves. I don’t see any bugs. Possibly a fungus or nutrient issue?

Using FF mixture and advanced nutes. Root PH at 5.7. Could use some help on this one. Thank you!

Sorry to say. But that looks like bug damage. Miners to be more specific. Around lights on is best time to look. Check under closer fan leaves SLOWLY. Maybe with a loupe. They are somewhere… well hope not but looks like it.

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I’m with purpngold on that one… I’ll tag a few others who will know… @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower

You said you moved it outside, is it there to stay? Or been bouncing in and out? Looks like a insect issue not a nute issue to me especially since it’s gone through the leaf… effecting one area or whole plant?

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My thoughts as well.

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