Kinda full huh LOL

Seven white widow gems didn’t think they would all survive only one lost one is ten weeks old rest are eight weeks lots of gnats I got the organic that asked for the top of the dirt I got that green stuff I got Nimoy oil I’ve got a little containers of apple cider vinegar it seems to work better new the rest but still a lot of nuts are they coming up out of the dirt?


They thrive in wet dirt…
This mixed with water and drench the soil will kill them.


Thanks I ordered some and it’s on its way, haven’t really noticed them chilling on the leaves but they take small bites right. Damn bugs!!! Last month it was spider mites in my eight weeks of flower Had to do an emergency harvest. Only got 1 ounce.

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You might want to look at your watering practices. Make sure your containers have good drainage, and add some perlite or vermiculite to help the soil drain better, too. Letting the soil dry out more between feedings will help keep the gnats from really thriving. Diatomaceous earth on top of the soil will help, as will yellow sticky traps. Not a big deal, because your plants look great from what I can see, but that’s the thing: natural light will help us see what’s going on with them better. And blurple hurts lol :v:


That product contains BT kurstaki, it’s not effective against fungus gnats.

To eradicate fungus gnats one needs to use BT israelensis, or BTi. It’s commonly available in mosquito bits, or in a purer powder from eBay. I recommend getting 2 oz from eBay. It’s less than $20 and will clear out one if not 2 major outbreaks in a smaller grow.


My bad…
I looked at this and didnt notice the sub species…
First mistake of my whole life…darn

I keep the Bits for rain barrels and if I need to treat gnats I soak some in water then use it on the plants.
Just strain out the bits of corn cob the bacteria is on,


I ordered a product once trying to combat fungus gnats. It contained BTk. It didn’t work. That’s when I started researching. BTi works so well I don’t know why it’s not recommended more often.

Don’t waste money on gnat nix or other products that don’t contain BTi.

Works amazing on Mosquito larva…24hrs and gone…and I mean every single one.

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OK I ordered some mosquito bites, use as directed or do you guys do something different?