Killing seeds in week 6

Hey all.
Just discovered seeds that are developing in week 6 due to a hermie from the last run that I didn’t catch until late :roll_eyes:
I plan on cutting down in a week or so to stop them from getting fully developed but until then has anyone ever heard of a spray or something similar that kills seeds while they’re still premature?


Ultimately it’s your plant, but if it were me I would ride the grow out to harvest, and deal with the seeds as they are. Making bubble/water hash pretty much resolves they issue.

You aren’t going to find another solution. AFAIK, there’s nothing that could sterilize the seeds without making the dried flowers toxic to you.

I’d try to figure out what induced the hermaphroditism. Have you gone through a light-leak test?


I’m with @KeystoneCops, I’d ride it out and harvest when the plant is ready, cutting early and having immature seeds is not good. I’d much rather have mature buds with mature seeds, as the seeds are easier to get out than the tiny immature seeds.

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Yea that’s what I did last time.
I manually picked the seeds out of most of the buds and ran the rest as concentrates
This time… Nah. I ain’t doing that labor! I’m trying to stop them shits while they’re still soft and able to be grinded!

But the seed sites are your primary producers of trichomes. How can you eliminate the seeds as they develop without ruining the glandular production?

I don’t know how you made concentrate last time, but dry ice and bubble buckets aren’t complicated. And you don’t even have to remove the seeds.

Like I said earlier, it’s your crop.

Didn’t need to, I know what did it.
Like in the original post, hermie from the previous run. Sucks but I cleared them all out for sure now

What cased the hermaphroditism last time?

Here’s a Pic, will take more later if needed.
Pistils are coming out of the seed sacs which are a white/reddish color

A light leak flipped a hermie, in turn pollinated these