Kera white thunder. The art of bending. 3 weeks left this is for the newbies

Ive been bending for years. Love this girl


Looks awesome

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How the heck you do that

Looks like a bonsai lol pretty cool.

I’m just hoping to get one of my girls to the flowering stage haha

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Bending from a young age. And topped like 8 times. Was made for a 24 in grow space plus pot.

Kera white thunder, is that the strain?

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I believe its one of the best. I really like the kera strains. It is so easy to grow. Look up the strain. You will like i bet . Has two very different highs if harvest ealry vrs let it couch lock.

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Impressive! As in a work of art. That is one pretty tree you have there.

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Fantastic! Frostiness my fave👍

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Beautiful and again beautiful

Really nice plant ! Did you supercrop it as well as top it ? Has a nice spread on it. I grow in small spaces also and have to spread it out to make use of all the space you can.

Also, what was the veg time? thanks for sharing. Jerry

Yes bending is super cropping. In my days we were just benders. And veg like 45 days. But this is a rootmaker plant
Look up my rootmaker post.