Keep it under 5 foot

This is one of the largest plants I have grown. It was in a 3x3x7’ tent.

The tape on the back of the tent (32") is the height above the soil. The tape is about 50" above the floor of the tent. The main canopy of the plant is actually more even with the tape. It looks lower because of the height the picture is taken from.

I put this tape up the day she was flipped to 12-12. The measurement given is above the soil

As previously mentioned, techniques used to manage height include topping, low stress training and supercropping. These will help maintain its height but it also forces it to grow outward. So, a plant will need more horizontal space. This photo shows the 1st and 2nd topping to obtain a manifold.

Your homework over the next several months is to study the various techniques used to manage height. I really like a manifold. Mainlining is also excellent but adds a week. A quadline is also a strong contender (I plan on using it on my next grow). All involve topping and LST to the extent necessary. Supercropping can be done as a planned technique or done as circumstances dictate.
Have a blast…!