Kaptain3d's Sunken Treasures 🏴‍☠

I will not put any outside this time around… :thinking:

But, if I remember, I will probably try to pack some snow on top of the soil for the last few days of flowering…I’ll do it on one and compares with the others to see if there’s anything to this “bro-science” thing… :nerd_face:


Look forward to the experiments!

Last time I tried icing… couple years ago now all I got was some purple edges on the leaves.




:joy::joy::joy::muscle: priceless :love_you_gesture:


Im thinking if topping a couple of my plants gulp.
Will keep them down lower avoiding more attention from the spying police helicopters
When and if they buzz the property later in February


Buenos Dias Brother Kapt, hope you’re feeling better my friend :love_you_gesture:


Buenos dias my friend!

The excruciating pain should stop in a couple of weeks. When it gets really cold and a lot less humidity, then the pain subsides. It’s the same every year. It gets really bad, for a month or so, during the change from fall to winter and another month when spring comes. :man_shrugging:

Good thing we’re growing the good herbs! :nerd_face: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Damn!!! I hate hearing this. Without getting too personal….what ailment do you have my friend. Truly sux you have to suffer this long :love_you_gesture:


Back in 1990, I was working in construction building sewer systems and streets and things like that. I had to chain some cement pipe freshly delivered to the worksite. While I was chaining one of the pipes, the truck operator screwed up with his levers and rammed the boom smack in the middle of my back, right between the shoulder blades. He squished me against the pipe. That messed up 5 of my vertebres. My boss contested my assurance claim and he paid the operator to lie in court. So I lost everything, I couldn’t work, and I wasn’t getting any health support. I lost everything. :man_shrugging:
I rebuilt myself from the ground up. And slowly learned to build computers by myself and eventually I got a decent job, in 2000, for Staples as a computer consultant… Fast forward to 2007 where a huge color laser printer fell from a height of roughly 16 feet smack on my head… Screwed up 3 vertebres in my neck! :man_facepalming:

This time around, I won in court and I had a bit of medical help trying to get me back in shape. But the neurologist told me that on a younger guy they would have operated, but being a bit older, I was too much at risk to operate…

So ever since, every year it gets worse. Every fall and spring is a nightmare, pain wise. I can barely walk upright and the pain makes it hard to breathe normally. I was fed morphine for the longest time… (8 years), where I couldn’t do anything because I was too stoned all the times and couldn’t “operate” any machinery, including cars. So I couldn’t work.
I wanted to find a doctor to prescribe cannabis to me, but back then it wasn’t legal or even that well known, so every doctor refused. I finally found someone about 8-10 years ago and I switched to cannabis. I feel the pain a lot more during the days, but at least I can work now.


Wow Kap… I’m sorry you’ve gone through all this… 8 years on morphine? That’s pretty intense… sure glad to have you with us after all that.

Hopefully they get what’s coming to them…


Bygones be bygones.

I have no more time to dwell on the past and I’d rather be happy with what I have now than spend my days resenting a huge a**hole.

On a good note, I learned who were my real friends… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
And I can tell you, I made a lot more “real” friends here than I had back then! :smile:


Understandable, and cheers to good friends.

Have a good day!


Wow that was an intence story Kaptain just another working man getting taken out by the man. Congratulations on where you are brother. Deel with back pain everyday not a crushing accident but just plain construction pushing ourselves to the limit. Now my bodys getting even with me. Tjanks again for sharing Kaptain


Holy crap Kapt!! Can only imagine the pain my friend. That’s horrible considering the spine supports all aspects of mobility. You’re a tough man Brother and stoked that cannabis provides some relief….8 years on morphine must have been hell being in a zombie state daily. My hats off to ya and appreciate you sharing that story. Sending feel good vibes your way :love_you_gesture:


Live hard/Play hard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Out of likes! But brother KAP! Ur 1 strong man!
Sorry to hear everything! And glad yu are even still here to talk with us!
Yu are blessed! Hope all is well brother and yu get some peace from the pain!


On a lighter note…

Go do the deed friends. Another hard decision this month. They are all gorgeous entries :heart_eyes:


Morning, @kaptain3d and thanks for all you do! Hope your getting some relief w your pain!


Congrats on that leader promotion Brother :muscle::muscle::love_you_gesture:


All I can say is that you are one of thoughest mf I ever seen💪🏻
And congrats on the promotion :call_me_hand:t2: