Just wondering!

do any of the seeds bought on ilgm turn the true color of the budz displayed in the advertise pics?


Depends on if you can control temps in your tent I can’t so no


I wish! I had high hopes for my Nepali Pink and got nothing… yeah, the temps help but too much AC so this cheap girl just doesn’t get the color LOL!


As @GreenSnek and @Caligurl has pointed out yes you can bring out colors by lowering temperatures in the last few weeks of flower. I run a portable ac unit in my tent and have decided it’s not worth the cost to get those temps down low enough to get the colors. I’ve read that you can also bring out the color by raising your ph levels to the 11 to 12 range in the last few weeks of flower. Personally I’m not brave enough to screw around with with ph levels, I just feel fortunate to keep them in the proper range to the end.