Just when I thought everything was getting better

… It decides to freaking POUR while I’m doing nutrients :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:… Slowly giving up

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Put an umbrella over it and get a hanky

Already to late, plus I got 14 plants spread across a 4’ x 20’ area :roll_eyes: thunder storm ran through and poured hard just outta no where

Count on heat and wind?

Hoping, I’ve already lost lots of buds to bud rot

Depending no on how far in flower you are start removing some leaves to allow more airflow and increase duration of light if possible

I’d say about week 5 or 6 into flower

If you are 6+ you can start “airing things out”

I’ll do a few to.orrow and see how the plants like it. Can’t hurt to try right

Don’t give up @Manny_FTGUTube I know it’s frustrating and feels like mother nature is flipping you the bird at every turn but hang in there. You have worked so hard at this grow and though the results won’t be what you originally thought you will get results that will be much better than anything you can get at a dispensary or on the street. We are all routing for you ~ AB