Just starting jacks

So I’m just starting out using jacks nutrient line. I’m just confirming so I use the same ratios throughout the entire plant life? Not a different one for veg and another ratio for flower?


@Graysin should have an answer.

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I use cultured biologix

Growers choice.

Here’s my notes.
Jack’s 321 standard mix & used for veg= 3.6/2.4/1.2

Booster mix= Jacks Part A/ Cal nitrate (Part B) / Epsom salts / MKP


Flower mix= 3.8/2.2/1.2.

If calcium issues try 3.7/2.5/1.1


Go to your search at top and look up Jacks 123. There was a topic on this recently. @matty777

Thank you @Graysin . I knew you would know.

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Thank you everyone!

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Jacksnutrients DOT com feed schedule is slightly different. The site also has some very informative videos about jacks and growing.
Google jacks 321 feed schedule and you should find it

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