Just some advice on the picture


Does it look healthy??

My advice
Replace that probe thing

Your plant looks splendid

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To add some context to the above comments. Do NOT use that probe for PH, they are completely unreliable. Apera makes good trusted meters for about $50 on Amazon.

Those probes are “ok” for moisture but still not great.

Pot looks almost dry so it’s a good time to pick it up and get a feel for the dry weight. When the plant is ready for a full watering, water till it just starts dripping out the bottom. You’ll be amazed how much it takes. Pick it up again, that’s your wet weight. Once it feels light and dry again then repeat.

For now keep up with small amounts and light waterings.

Looking good!


Thanks @CygnusX1
For the context I’m stoned an in a spot where I could not elaborate



Thanks for all the great advice, you guys. Much appreciated. The probe is gone. Kind of figured it was a POS. Anything else you see please speak up…



Welcome Thomas!
Nothing I can see but let’s dive in. List your equipment, specificly your light, fans, and nutrients
Fill us in on what your growing and what soil your using etc etc.


From little things big things grow. Love little bubba plants :slight_smile: so cool watching them go boom almost better than having kids lol as they don’t talk back


She looks great!

To add to the watering advice - for now while your sprout is little, be sure to water in a small ring around her base, maybe 1” out from the stem - should be just far enough away to encourage her to form those roots and make em stretch to get to water. Also keep the humidity up since without a good root structure, she’s getting most of her water through the leaves for now.


Welcome to the community , Seedling looks fine you might consider using a small clear plastic dome an mist inside the Dome with a spray bottle couple times a day. for about another week. Good luck


I tried going through email, but I don’t think anyone received it. So here it is…

Hi Everyone, hope everybody is healthy and safe. Thanks for the warm welcome.

ILGM AutoFlower Blue Dream & Gorilla Glue

*MarsHydro 2.5’x2.5"x63" Grow Tent

MarsHydro TS1000 dimmable LED light

TerraBloom ECMF-150 Fan & TERRABLOOM 6" AIR FILTER 16" LONG, 46MM

General Organics Go Box + Other wetting fertilizers (pics)

PH up & Down

Only use distilled water to make my tea

Soil is homemade: 3 parts peat moss, 3 parts compost organic & bought
cow manure, 2 parts perlite-prewet, 1 part vermiculite-pre-wet. added
some coir & blood meal & earthworm castings. With a TDS of 500-600 PH
around 6.0-6.5.

running temp of 75-76 degrees humidity around 50%

Warm Regards,

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I added a green house over the seedling and a Humidity gauge/temp. Its stays a little warm(81degrees) but the humidity stays around 80%.


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Looks like you’re hitting the ground running bud. Welcome to the chillest, most helpful, good hearted and good intentioned folks around. My 2 cents would be to keep an eye on your pH and waterings. Maybe get some Great White or Mammoth P to help those roots along and don’t overwater. Just feel the weight of that soil right after watering and when it’s dry. You’ll notice the difference. Good luck bud.

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Some recent pics.

Do these look a little stretched or normal?? Took the green house off to take pics. Light is at 20" MarsHydro TS1000 75% intensity.

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Your good. I have a ts1000 I use for seedlings. I go at like 18 inches and 50-75% depending on the seedlings. Then I switch to an fc3000 for bulk of vegg and flower. Keep em under the ts1000 for about two maybe 3 weeks.

You will want to vent the air you pull out of the tent into a different room or outside. I recomend a portable air conditioner vent setup like this.
The air outta the tent will only get warmer as you increase the light intensity. That will heat up the room the tent is in, which will in turn warm the air that is being sucked into the tent…defeating your ability to cool the inside.

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Dear Docnraq,
Thanks for all the great advice. I would love to use that light but It won’t fit in my tent LOL. The tent is only 2.3x2.3x63". Small. I tested the tent/light heat level before I started to grow and with my negative pressure created by my terrabloom fan, the temps stay at 75-76(degrees), (night at 70-73) with my light at 100%. I believe that’s ok, correct? I also have a good room air exchange.

Warm Regards,

I mean if its working its working. Just be prepared.