Just got my new UVA light but do companies lie about there products

I just got my new UVA light for my grow tent the light has good construction but the only thing is it was falsely advertised as a 100 watt light ,i got it out of the box and i plugged it in my watt meter and surprise surprise the light only draws 53watts from the wall , companies need to stop this faluse advertising and just tell the truth about there products but in saying this 53watts is plenty for what i need i will wait and see how this light goes and see if it makes a difference to my grow

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No. Never. Who would ever do such a thing?

It used to be buyer beware. It still is but the grifters are everywhere.

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If they lied about that much, that’s not even close.
I’d be worried that it doesn’t put out the amount of uva it claims either if it’s even uva.
What kinda light is it?

This Is the light

Is there a driver or dial you can crank up? several of my lights needed to be adjusted before they actually pull the power they should.

There mite be a diall under the cover

Its advertised as a UV light for parties, etc. Bet they never thought someone would measure the draw.