Just got My First Nutrients

Okay,Just got my first set of nutrients for my plants.I need advice on how to apply it and in what measurements i am using a 20oz.spray bottle and this is my very first time using these products so any advice i would appreciate it thanks

I ignore Flower Kiss and below, though I do use Open Sesame, Beastie Bloomz, and Cha Ching.

Feed to target PPM. You’ll need a PPM meter.


They have a feed calendar on their website. Highly recommend going organic next route

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How old are your plants and what did you plant them in?

Spray bottle is about the worse thing to use to water plants, spray bottles are the cause of so many sprouts dying or getting stunted growth from too much daily love (spraying and over-watering). Your plants would ask you to throw away the spray bottle if they could speak.


@MidwestGuy Could you recommend a good PPM reader and EC?

@Hellraiser didn’t know but they are only seedlings and actually i did the opposite of under watering and the seedling was able to recover. it seems like the light is drying them out some what and they are a day away from 2 weeks old -sf2000-light
distance foot and a half from seedlings give or take a few

I use an Apera PC60 and it measures both PPM and pH. It’s a high-quality meter and it is essential to understand both pH and PPM throughout your grow. Proper levels produce great plants.

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Do you have light dimmed??? I use Spider farmer never had drying out problems. 1 week should be40% -60% dim.

@Smalls okay,thanks for letting me know i had them at 80% i just dimmed them to 60% i hope i didn’t damage them.

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They should be fine. I turn light to 80% week 3 100% week4 hope this helps!!!

Do you have pics of the plants and for seedlings you want around 150w of power light distance should be 24-36 inches light distance can also depend on strain also imo for sativas I keep my light closer and for indicas I keep my light further due to sativas like to stretch and indicas are typically short and bushy

In Some cases a spray bottle can help and harm the plants in many ways. Here’s what I have a 4 in1 meter. It’s great. Hope it helps you.

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