Just delivered qb 260xw!


3 31/2 week BGL and 1WWA


Very nice! Good luck with the grow too!

I know to lower lights over time. Need to play with the wattage

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Ya, shouldn’t need it much over 75% for veg, around 24". On a dimming driver that’s halfway between all the way up and down. B dimming driver is about 75% up

Thanks for the help

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Temp after a few hours down to 77 from 82 from old light


Has HLG ever released the specs on the 324 boards? That sure is a nice light.

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How often should carbon filter be replaced?

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Also. Found these spots on both off the first node. Ph water 6.2 on last water 2 days ago & 6.1 with 6mls/gal 5 days using fox farm, grow big. Plan to feed tomorrow

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Really depends on the filter and your environment. Some of the filters are a lot thicker media base than others. And things like humidity and dust can plug them up pretty quickly.

That kinda looks like it may be calcium deficient or lockout. Your in fox farm soil? If that’s the case, I would try raising your ph a little. Maybe even test your runoff to see if you’re trending low.

Water in 6.4 after adding fertilizer. Run off 6.5

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Did you check ppm?

No. I’ll get a meter and will need to be schooled

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Got a ppm


Both calibrated with same calibrations standards.


Ppm 12300, 8mls grow big, 4 MLS calmg, ro 7600 ph4.71. The numbers dont make sense. I think the plants look good!

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Looks like your tds meter is x10. So that 12300 would be 1230 and 7600 would be 760. I would be mostly concerned with that really acidic 4.7 reading.

Your right on the x10, ph is biggest confusion

If ph is that low I’d be seeing all kinda problems

Not if it’s a recent development. It takes time to show issues. It’s not something that’s immediate

Just wondering why the one meter on the left shows a ph of 7.7?