Just a friendly mulch tip

Nothing new here, but a solid tip. Spent a dumb amount of time trying to source non-chem/pesticide straw, also didn’t want to use the weeds in my area and introduce pests, then a lightbulb went off in my head
I chopped a bunch of weeds, put them in the pressure cooker( elevated above the water) and let that run for 30 min at pressure/0psi. Went through w x90 magnification and all bugs were nuked. I was worried I would end up w a bunch of leaf mush, but not at all the case.


Steaming w a regular large pot would work well also since you really only need to hit around 160F, you may just have to get creative w that set up or work in batches, I used a 23quart pc and had plenty of room

Great thinking! Thank you.
I wonder if baking on a baking sheet would also work

Rice husks are my new go to top mulch.

They retain moisture and are sterile right out the bag.

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