Just a couple days from 3 weeks starting LST

Hopefully I’m doing this right does everything look good just did LST this morning there almost 3 weeks old


As far as I can tell looks great :+1:

Mine are that big after only a week

What’s your watering schedule?, if you dont mind me asking, and are u growing in soil or coco perlite mix? Also what nutrients do u use and what’s the gene your growing?

I also didnt transplant at all grew straight from germination in these pots except one and shes actually the smallest now so this is about 3 days from 3 weeks after sprouting

Hell yea, just keep retying anything that could be tied and itll keep bushing out more. U wanna keep opening the center basically. This is goldleaf. I switched the light cycle 8 days ago

Looks great any opinion. On what may be causing this

Have u watered till u ha e run off and checked the 0h and ppms of that runoff?

Yes I use coco perlite mix ph I water with is about 5.8 runoff is about 6.7

Whats ur ppms?

That I dont check I dont have a meter I’ll buy one now be here in couple days

Damn well ide say u should really get u a ph and ppm pen. Very important imo. Itll always tell u whats goin on in there