Jungle's WTH Super Lemon Haze auto w/Grodan cubes and FloraFlex drip

I have a 5’x10’ tent, only about half occupied. I stumbled upon two SLH autos (I usually grow photos), and thought I’d give’em a try. And since I know how RDWC works, let’s try something else.

Grow Setup:

  • Nutes: GH Trio, CalMag, ArmorSi (no hydroguard)
  • Medium: Rockwool 6" cubes, with big monster base (see photo) (with FloraFlex caps)
  • Watering: repeating on/off timer + on at sunrise, off at sunset-2h timer, controlling a spare pump, via 1/2" pvc and flex to a FloraFlex distribution head


  • See my 2nd grow journal Jungle's 2nd Grow
  • The temp, humidity, light schedule and Co2 will be whatever my four photos need. Sorry little buddies.

Should be interesting to see how it turns out.


Good morning! Little babies are in their permanent home, irrigation will start tomorrow. Their tent-buddies are going 12/12 this weekend, but I expect to be able to keep up with the DLI schedule for at least the time being.

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More baby pics! (8 days above ground)

And in other news, the rose bush I’m cloning has decided to bloom.

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