June grow in Alabama?

A question from a fellow grower:

Is mid june to late to start a grow outside? Think it fry my seedlings? Im in b
Alabama 90+ temps

Borderline. Your plants will just be reaching sexuality maturity when they’ll start to flower. It won’t be a big harvest, but it’s something. Keep them watered, don’t let them dry out in this heat.

Hi there, I’m also n alabma. Getting ready 2 purchase ww. My question is am i starting 2 late 2 grow healthy plants? I will b growing outside, is that best for the kind of seeds im ordering? Can i get some instructions on how 2 grow this from start 2 finish? First time growing, & i really want it 2 b a success.


It is beginning to be a little late in the year, my friend. I’m just a bit south of you and I don’t start anything after the end of June. Plants will start to flower next month and by the time you order and receive them that won’t give you enough time for the plants to reach sexuality maturity and they’ll probably end up being tiny.

You are not out of luck though. Any of the autoflowers will grow to full size for you outside in Alabama, if planted no later than mid-to-late August. They can be grown close together and don’t get very tall, so try to buy a few extra if ya can.