Joint Investment

Never ended up staying anything on here with these because I really wasn’t sure what I was doing with these (still don’t lol), but as I plan on probably tossing them in a few three gallons here soon I guess it’s become a thing.
Story goes I received a joint recently (was more like a ten pack o seeds hidden in a joint! Wtf? :thinking::man_shrugging:t2:) 5 seeds looked okay so I dropped in cups of tap for 24 hours, laid in some towels for 48, tossed in cups of Burpee coco for a couple weeks, maybe three. Now we are here! Comment any ideas. I do want to maybe keep the big one for something pollen/seeds I don’t know.

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Annnnnd we fast forward till more recently!

They’ve been moved into a few 5 gallon grow bags with coco-perl for one and a homegrown, amended, compost soil for the other two. Let’s see what happens!

Gotta say the girls seem to be liking the coco mix and the compost mix. Nothing tremendously noticeable yet:




Quick update on the Joint Grow. All confirmed healthy females. Unless I decide to flip one for seeds… :thinking: