JH plant height first grow


This is my first grow. I’m currently using 2 T5s 6500K. This plant is 21 days old and I’m concerned about the height. It’s a Jack Herer and I’m growing in soil. There are 3 sets of nodes currently and I keep the lights about 3 inches from the top. Should I raise the lights and if so, how far? I appreciate any suggestions.

I use t5s in veg and I put them very close. As long as the plants aren’t stressed from heat or light burn and it doesn’t look like it, rock on! It actually looks like not enough light for 21 days. I would expect at least 3 sets of nodes by then typically @Rockchalk

Thanks for the input. I have tried supplementing with CFL bulbs. Should I continue CFL or invest in a larger T5 set?

Welcome to the forum @Rockchalk - I’m a newbie myself having only dropped my first seeds mid January. This is the best group of people for any sort of help. I keep my seedlings under that same 2 bulb T5s. But yours might be ready for an upgrade. The lighting expert here is @dbrn32 and he is helping me build my Veg light. To get someone’s attention you put @ in front of their name. Here are a few I can think of to help get you started @MattyBear @remolu @raustin @elheffe702 Happy growing! Jeb


Thanks for the advice. I saw a 100W 5000K led on sale and I bought a 4 pack of 6500K CFLs. What will be the difference between the 5000K and 6500K @dbrn32?

Not a lot. Both pretty much blue heavy, but a little more representation in green, yellow, and reds from 5000k. Both are considered veg spectrums.