Jesters. Bonsai clone grow journal ! 10 plants ! And seedlings! Just started flowering

Ty ! Basically the whole 8 x 4 is covered by 5 clones in lst lol. Plus the big guy on the corner.

Tomorow ill get a better full photo of temt all at once and better photos. Ty all for the help ! :pray:

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Hadto give another haircut. Fingers sticky from fan leaves having tricomes now opened up again with more than enough leaves for photosyntgesis. It does pain me to say that i lost 2 buds and a little branch. :pensive: :worried: so bushy and so big i cant reach over to back ones to good and didnt notice friendly fire in the way of the scissors

Im not crying. You are

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I cant help but share daily lol. So pumped. Every plant is starting to produce tricomes. Every bud

Gonna be working doubkes all week so have to water and spray trifecta again just in case for the pm and that about it tomorow until friday.

Idk if thia is how it all looks at first but im like man. Is thia good or normal ?Does this mean i can have diamond coated buds ?!?

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It does. Your gonna be dissapointed with every dollar you ever spent on weed before now.

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Im ok with that lol. Thats a good regret now ! Im Enjoying the ride for sure ! :relieved: ty for coming along !

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Question. Leaf sat over night so looks wilty bit you see the lil like deformed leaf on the side ? What woukd cause this ? Ive never had any more than a single leaf show a color or tip birn etc at a time. But ive seen 1 or 2 of these before. Assumed at first was me messing it up maybe when it was little ?? So grew funny. Have you seen this ? Again. On

ly found one once or 2x before the same way

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Mutation common, from genetics to stress…nothing to worry about.

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Sigh. Hi. Me again. So while spraying trife ta again i snapped my plant. Smh. Idk what i shld do. Will the stress make it herm ? Shld i leave it. Cut it off ?

I cant believe i did that. To many plants in a tight area. Im angry with myself rn

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Also found these. Just the xouple on 2 diff plants. Ph and runoff been fine.

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If its not snapped all the way, tape it back together. Put a chopstick or something alongside the main to give it support. As for the damaged leaves. Usuall6 damage like that on the saw teeth of your leaves is overwatering related. If your runoff ph is on point then your watering too often.

Dont be so hard on yourself, and throttle back your concern level. Trying too hard is a thing, trust me.

I know lol. Just domt wanna ruin the harvest. Def not watering. I water once and dont again until theyre dry. Def got watering down . first few weeks was iffy but def on point last 4 weeks with watering.

Ok. Lights went off right actwr i broke it so cant enter until tomorow ill tie it up. Almost 40 inches tall and broke at top so prolly tie it straight up tomorow to roof to hold it.

The kush app says phosphat def. Cld that be ? Tgeyre are alot of bydding sites. Cld that mean i need more phosphorous because or that ?

Kinda looks like it. Jus wanna make sure i give what she needs is all. I guess after the first grow ill relax. Like kids. First one your like omg are u ok ? Second n thirds like. Bandaids are in the bathroom

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Increase phos if your worried.

What was your last feed?

Might not wanna wait to tape her. 10 mins in there with a flashlight isnt g9ing to herm your plant. If that was the case, the moon would trigger every plant to become trans

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Ok i quicjly hung her up n trird to tape no longer hanging

I feed. And water check ppm. If over 600(1.2 ec) i give another watering. If i gave a second watering. I give nutes. So every other. Or 1 every 3 is nutes. Ph oerfect micro grow bloom mid with b52. Big bud bud candy etc on basic plan.

For example. If i water on monday. Wed by lights out they need water. Thursday id water but last 2 with work they got it on fri. (As examples of how many days apart i water. Not necessarily fri etc ) pots were basically air it feels like when i lift them. I also give say half to 3/4 water ph water. Than a gallon on nute water in 5 gallon pot. I add in cal mag. And molassus every 2. 3 waterings.

This doesnt really make sense. Sorry, im pretty high so it could be me.
What have the feed in and runoff out been? ph and tds.

I make the nutes at 750 to 800 ppm. Ec of 1.6. Most go down in a watering to 600 ppm give or take. And ill give another water and than give nutes. Or ill. Give nutes. Than a straight water and if its at 550 etc ill give nutes again. Ph always at 6 to 6.5 on runoff. Usually more 6.5.

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3 days later and insane how they are. I touched on like you’d pinch a new born baby cheek. And fingers sticking together and Snelling like lemons!

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