JBB 2023 Indoor then Outdoor Grow

JBB 2023 Grow

1/28/23 put together 2’ x 4’ x 6’ Acrylic Sheet (from Lowe’s) and 2” x 4“ platform on top of our guest bathroom bathtub inside shower enclosure. Way more sturdy than last year on a storage box lid that sagged towards the end.

1/29/23 put together Vivosun 2’ x 3’ x 5’ grow tent. Put oscillating fan in but not connected.

2/1/23 started soak of 4 regular (M/F) photoperiod varieties-2 seeds each:

Apparition (Head Dog #9 x Ghost Rider x London Pound Cake) Best Coast Genetics

Cherries 2.1 (OGKB V2.1 X Cherrytopia) Strait A Genetics

Tropical Cherries (Mai Tai #4 S1 x Blue Cherries) Strait A Genetics

Shugga Shugga ((GG4 x Key Lime Pie) x Blue Cherries) Strait A Genetics

500 ml 3% peroxide mixed with 100 ml rainwater. pH 6. On 90 deg F germination mat in small plastic cups filled with 1.5 oz peroxide and water.

All done at 5:30 pm.

Waxing Gibbous moon phase. Not sure if this means anything when starting seeds indoors instead of outside.

2/2/23 26 hours later, Tropical Cherries both had tails and were put in soil (ProMix HD and FFOF blend) in red solo cups with drainage holes drilled. One Apparition seed ghosted me (floating white half of the seedling) and the other had a tail and was planted. One more Apparition seed dropped in peroxide/water. 2 seeds left in the 5 pack. Shugga Shugga and Cherries 2.1 strains need more time for tails. Recheck in the morning.


Morning - Total of 8 Solo cups are now planted with the soaked seeds.

Evening - hung Layond 4” carbon filter with ducting and Spider Farmer SF2000 LED lights.


Morning - waiting for the seedlings to pop through soil.


I’ll tag along and watch your grow. I did eight plants in a 2x4 tent and it was way too much. Hopefully some of these are going outside in the spring. The most I will do now is three.

@fast-grow All my plants will be moved outdoors. I use the tent only as a nursery to get them started. I usually move them out after 6 weeks or so from seedling to get them to give an early sex indication from the regular seeds. That is why I’m starting regs so early. Then fems will be started.