Jacks 321, whats your experience, info?

I was told by hlg that i could veg with the rspec. I had them all in smaller pots with one of my nextlight 420h over them with a couple really cheap blue lights and they were growing like im used to. Now that i put them out in the room under the rspecs they are growing very fast. Ive done all my mainline toppings so i dont have to hinder them anymore. I cant wait to see how they grow. I will say they seem to be stretching more than im used to but befor my nextlights almost had them too compact and made them hard to train. Im going to start training them more than they are in a couple days. This is only my 3rd grow so its all really new to me still. I sure hope i can veg with these cause i really dont want to dump more money into lighting.


Youll be fine.

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Thanks for the reply helped me out alot. I’m turning the scorpion on today if I get some stretch that would be a plus for my mainline. Thanks again :100: Happy Growing :v:

Plants do tend to stretch alot in flower phase. Our banana kush autos, 3 of them hit 4 ft, we trained main cola down as we just did on the wedding cake.

Veg and flower hlg rspec no issues.

One runtz also, both plants 48 days 24 days flower

Youll love your light once you get it dialed in.

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To get back on subject Jacks is the bomb.


Jack’s is the bomb! This is my first grow using a 70/30 coco/perlite mix (cultivation nation, I believe) and Jack’s 321. I am never going back to soil. Growth rates are insane!

These are the zkittlez at 6 weeks.

These are the runtz (again) at 6 weeks. The runt (no pun intended) of the litter, on the far left, I gave away. Definitely heavy on the indica genetics and slowed down nutrient intake down to almost nothing. The two on the right obviously lean sativa.


How are you guys watering? Are you doing the high fertigation thing? Watering with fertilizer every watering. Or fertilizing every so often? Im doing the every watering and getting like 15 to 20 percent runoff. Stuff just flows right through coco. It seems wasteful but they are growing good. Just curious if i could be getti g the same results not using so much. Im going in at 6 and coming out 6.3. Any input or suggestions be greatly appreciated


Also, when i mix everything to the schedules recommended measurements my ppm on 700 scale is 2150ppm. Jacks achedule is saying be at 1680 during veg. My water is hard well water and starts out at 450ppm. So the numbers add up pretty close if thats how you would do it. Any input on that too would be great. Like i said things are going pretty good at the moment but im sure there is some tweaking i could be doing.


Coco runs a 5.8ph back the pure water ppm out of the reading. Run off is optional I get run off each watering.

This is the far red wavelengths making yout plants stretch more. You can veg and flower with any light you’d like really. It’s the results you end up with that will change some. Vegging with hlg fr light is going to create plants that look like they were vegged with hps. Your nextlight is going to create plants that look more like they were vegged with mh. As long as you’re okay with this it doesn’t make any difference. You’re just using them the opposite of how they were intended.


You can use the rspec in veg and flower, but you can’t use the bspec in flower, only veg.


I used to hand water my coco, got tired, made an irrigation system. So cheap and easy. ~ 100 bucks and under for everything. Perhaps a bit wasteful of water and nutes. But high fertigation is what we’re going for when running coco. And I’ve heard ph’ing in coco won’t provide any accurate results, however, you could just try watering more to get some of the salts out some if you are getting 6.3 out, but if the plants look fine…they look fine. 6.3 isn’t way off your goal if you’re in flower.

Yes sir you are correct! It depends on what rspec is being used in this case there’s two scorpion rspec far red one full spectrum the other isn’t.

When i upgraded to the r spec boards HLG stated it was good for full grow.


The full spectrum boards Then theres just rspec boards also. If using the full spectrum by all means veg and flower with it.

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I will also mention that on 4 grows with r boards my grows have improved substantially. Im sure there are other factors involved however it improved immediately after upgrade.


I’m feeding with every watering and with solid runoff. I save my runoff and use it on the next plant as I go down the line, so I’m really only left with a little runoff at the end, with the last plant. I try to go in right at 5.8 as often as I can (some days I just don’t have the patience, usually as a result of over-imbibing the night before) because then I come out in the low 6s when I’m done, and I know I can still run that runoff back through the next girl without having to worry about locking out nutrients.

The HLG RSPECS will veg and flower, it just has more red spectrum for flowering. I go start to finish with 2 of these with great success :love_you_gesture:


Thats a pretty canopy.

Very pretty canopy , good job !