Jack's 321 discrepancy

Cool, Thank you @Myfriendis410 that 3x, 2x epsom ratio makes alot of sense. My first time with it though, I don’t want to do much experimenting.

I will definitely check out the video… I’m a geek :nerd_face:

Follow this, should be recipe listed on current bag of hydroponic blend.

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Thanks, I didn’t get manufacturer’s bag. I bought a 7lb kit that’s generically labeled

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I’m at 900 every time with the water where I’m at.

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Just wanted you to know I moved this topic to a more appropriate category. Happy growing.

Where do you guys buy the kit ?

Ebay is where I get mine

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That’s where I got mine as well. I still can’t believe how cheap it is. 450 gallons of feed for $28 and some change is Insanity lol.

I got mine off of Amazon but the manufacturer website has it as well.

@Myfriendis410 hey do you know where I can find a mix chart for the jacks321 for soil ? Like week 1 2 3 ECT ECT ?

I use farm fox ocean forest soil and didnt need nutes for 5 weeks from sprout. Now i feed them once a week or when they start to show me signs they need a feeding. Last friday they were really showing signs that they needed water and a feeding. By saturday morning the leaves had already went back to the perfect color and perked up.

There isn’t a mix chart. It’s the same mix ratio from beginning to end.

3.6 grams part A
2.4 grams part B
1.2 grams epsom salt.


@BobbyDigital excuse my stupidity but the jacks I have the bags aren’t labeled a&b

Oops I see it

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@BobbyDigital so for week 4 keep it like that till the end ?

The cal nitrate is part B. The 15-12-26 is part A and epsom salt is the last part.

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Correct. All the same mix throughout. That’s what makes it so easy.


There are some of us to play with this a little bit, I am using 1.5 G epsom salt and 3.0 G of Part B for an increase in calmag.