Jack Herer Auto Week 2 Indoor Grow

Worry not! Plants during the senescence phase or end game exhibit fall traits. Sun leaves are scavenged of nitrogen, they yellow and die off. Its a normal part of the process. Just let her run the course. Remeber to stop feeding nutes a week or 2 preferably prior to harvest. You are gonna harvest some weed here!




I agree. U tend to start removing N from her diet at this stage anyway. She maybe a bit ugly but gonna be some DOPE smoke

Harvest. Thanks for all of your help and advice!

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Hey @AlexR how’s it going? How old was she? Looks like some good smoke but I would have thought it still had quite a while left on her.

Congrats on the chop man. Success has never smelld so dank eh

Cloudy and amber trichs!

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