I've grew outside before, first time growing inside under LED lights, could you help?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“Hello I was just wondering if you’d tell me what you think of my plants did that one look healthy enough I’ve grew outside before first time growing inside under LED lights? I’ve just started out growing with lights I’m using Led I’ve got them under a blue light I think this might be part of the problem I haven’t bought them out of a grow shop I’ve probably done the stupid thing I bought some blue led strip lights at a hardware shop I don’t know if there powerful enough I want to grow with Led but at the moment there a bit out my price range at the moment could you’s help me point me in the right direction for some good ones with good value for money put still good enough for the job in hand? The strain is Red Devil I’m growing in soil pots the ph of the water and feed is 6.5 I haven’t a reservoir I just make 2 litres at a time I’d say temp of water would be 21c air temp is 75 I’ve a u.s metre don’t know what it reads it’s been reading a 175 when I stick it in the soil could this be E.C? Soil ph highs 6.5 lows 5.8 don’t know humidity need away of checking I don’t have CO2 yet unless I’m breathing on them I just watched a clip on YouTube spraying sparkling water on the plants does this work? That’s as much information as I can give you hopefully you might be able to help me and I’ve just stuck them on a 16/8 cycle is this the right thing to do?”

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The plant looks healthy just a little stretched imo
Maybe a little more info on the light would be helpful
Wattage and type or a picture of it