It's a nice day for Liber, but settling for White Willie

As a gift to myself for this year’s harvest, I bought myself a Liber pipe as seen here. Unfortunately it’s coming by way of slo-mo from France. I hope it’s not too big and klunky, or heavy. I have a Clabash style gourd pipe with a meerschaum bowl, but the stem had broken off, and the Liber pipe has a base to allow you to set it down on a flat surface. That, plus how can a Liber (Pater) pipe not be a good fit for me? :smirk: He’s the god of Freedom, wine, ecstacy, some even say fertility.

That said, the Liber pipe is in transit, coming from France…

I stumbled upon White Willie when shopping to find the Liber pipe. He was found at an estate sale, and listed Buy-It-Now for $26, came from Minnesota of all places. Not much love to sale it for $26, on their part, IMO…none the less I wanted it.

White Willie has only had a few bowls through him, but he only likes White Widow, so that’s what he’s getting. (actually that’s all I have to smoke, so that the only bud he can get this year :smirk:).

I need to make some type of stand for him so that the bowl sits level. Of course I use a Dunhill lighter on him…classic burn…awesome little pipe for $26…impulse buying… :roll_eyes:


Ok, I got the Liber pipe. While I like it for the look and what it stands for, White Willie is nice in his own way…I’ve only smoked 3 or 4 bowls in Liber.

For me, rolling is definitely still my favorite. I always seem to go back to my fave, nothing like a joint for me. :blush:

But today, however, is a Liber day! :shushing_face:

I am digging this flat bottom to sit it on the desk. Waiting on a wind lid.

This year for Father’s Day, my wife is off visiting my Mother-In-Law, she’s 94 years old this year and by herself, 5000 miles away…it sucks…but let’s not dwell on that as my MIL is doing absolutely great and my wife made it through the maze of confusion in traveling from America to Japan, no easy feat in itself.

But it was a monumental Father’s Day for me despite my wife being away, and even so, she was able to visit her Father’s grave with my Mother-In-Law.

Started out with breakfast from my daughter. This is one of my favorite breakfasts, lox and bagels with a poached egg on top, my daughter nails poached eggs…this was absolutely spectacular! She also made some breakfast sausages and veggies and some fresh fruit which I also like. What a great way to start the day.

Then it was on to the highlight of my Father’s Day…I’ve only smoked with my son a couple times…but this year we smoked a big bowl of Liber and big bowl of White Willie. My son didn’t smoke until the last couple years. But with some of the recent discoveries on cannabis appearing to be safer, or even healthier than alcohol, I encourage my son to smoke cannabis rather than drink alcohol when he socializes with his friends. This is especially true when driving a vehicle.

It took me years to be able to admit to my own kids that I have smoked cannabis for pretty much my entire life since I was in high school. It’s not something I feel proud of, but it is my way of dealing with my life, whether a cop-out or an excuse, the 2 vices I have ended up with is ice tea and cannabis. I believe it has kept me alive all these years, if nothing else but keeping me at bay with heroin as I have a fear of needles. What a blessing this phobia turned out to be. Somehow it has turned me into, what I refer to as a pharmaphobic. I don’t like to take any type of pharmaceuticals or other magic pills that will make our life great, I don’t believe in that. And I don’t encourage my own kids

I have double downed and put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, and I encourage both of my kids to smoke rather than drink, especially if they will be driving. My daughter doesn’t like to smoke at all, neither does my wife. My son agrees with me on this issue, and even though he does drink alcohol with his friends, both of my kids have grown up with the dispensaries for medical and now recreation and don’t think anything of it. Most of their friends smoke or eat edibles.

I hope everyone had a monumental Father’s Day as I did. Our kids are the most important thing for any parent. I hope you had the pleasure to enjoy Father’s Day like I did…it was splendid being able to talk about our lives, our careers, being able to be with each other and just enjoy some good food with both of my kids…

Life was great for a day…I’ll long remember this Father’s Day… :blush:

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