It looks good but seems like its to clustered


IS this normal?

Looks okay to me. What is it that you are concerned about?

Welcome , I also think you’re plants look good. If you are referring to trim , I would clean up around the bottom of the plant closest to the pot For better air flow and access to water and feed. personally I think that would be all the plant needs at this point . good luck :+1::v:


The plant seems very clusterd to me. What causes that?

Thank you, i will clean up bottom of plant.


During veg you can do LST. Spread the branches out how you want them and tie them down. You can make your plants grow pretty much exactly like you want them to. A bit late for this go around, but give it a try next time.



I just put the first bend on mine tonight. I have a semi grow journal to contain most of my rambling. Feel free to check out the pics. I’m not tech savvy enough to link you to the thread. Lol.