It is satisfying watching her grow every day


They are fascinating plants to grow. Mother Nature out did herself :blush::v:

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Must be a proud day when your baby gets taller than you.


Thats really beautiful plant!

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Thank you for the kind comments


@Paratrooper1993 beautiful plant question is that white spots on your leaves

Looks like water droplettes

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Hell yah i love see the new growth everyday specially in the flowering stage

I was hoping it water that would be bad if it’s spot’s @Docnraq

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Beautiful plants nice growing

Hey @Paratrooper1993 beautiful plants. the best part is in flower, when you don’t see them for a few days and come back to see the buds have packed on more flowers. Its a helluva plant, that Mary Jane.

Btw @Paratrooper1993, I was a paratrooper as well from 84-88. Part of the bonus army. !st of the 325th Infantry.

I was in SUPPORT company for 5th SFG at Ft. Campbell (read POG, not 18 series) from 92-95

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I was at Ft Bragg with a 13 month side trip to Camp Casey Korea. Jumped into Ft Cambell on a thirty day field problem once. It was the worst jump I ever had, Got. dragged across the DZ.

It was probably Suckchon DZ. Definitely sucked!! AATW!

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AATW, and then some.

Don’t remember the name of the DZ, was supposed to be a night time Mass Tac, ended up jumping in full daylight. We’d been flying from Bragg for hours and were about to call it off and land cause of the weather. Except we had this crazy Battalion Commander who would do about anything for his full bird. I guess he decided we were ‘Airborne Hardcore.’ Had a couple people tear ACLs and lots of sprains that day.

Saw him years later on tee vee, he was division commander of the 10th mountain in Afghanistan. We gave him the nick name Mic Nuke in 86, cause he was always talking about wanting to go sort things in Nicaragua.

5th group was my only duty station. It was a blast. I was a 74c (teletype operator) non combat MOS., I got to jump in Jordan, jump ch-47, UH-60. Went to c-4 and dynamite rangers with the team guys. We were the 18E’s little bitches, but I got to do some shit no other POG will ever do. If I wanted, I could’ve taken a slot for ranger school, air assault.
If the team guys didn’t want the slot we could take it. I know a rigger that went to pathfinder school! Good times!!