Issues with sexing

Hi all, I have triplets. I’m a bit confused. Let me say first…he is very far away in his own place… :smirk: Almost positive one is all male. The other two look different from each other. Not sure if the difference is the strain or what. Although it could be me, I tend to over analyze. Lol :face_with_monocle: help help me… :sunglasses:

Are all 3 pictures the same plant or different 3?
If so the first is obviously your male, the second looks Hermie or early signs of male and the third you can’t really tell cause it’s out of focus.


All different, I just realized the third pic isn’t great

It’s all good but I’d get rid of those two if you want your third to stay female if it is. Pollen can travel miles outdoors unless completely quarantined, or is there a reason for the males?


I’m with @Manny_FTGUTube
On the pictures third can’t tell first two I’d cull immediately if they where in my garden
I would also stay away from my other plants after handling them until I could change and shower. Pollen will stick to you and your clothes
And you could germinate the others unintentionally


:ok_hand: :heart: cause I’m outta likes for another 4 hrs haha


I’ve had these in since April 15. They have been flowering for a few days. I’ll get s better pic of the 3rd. Here is closer pic of the 2 in question. Thanks for your help…

The right def has some juevos on it so that’s a Hermie or male, and the left one looks to be good for now but I’d keep my eye on it for another few days,

I gotta go for now… Trust me I’m intrigued!! I hardly ever go near the male but when I do, I’m freaky careful countryboyjvd1971

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@Manny_FTGUTube is on point again
Right picture cull it and left looks to be ok and female
Unless you want to start breeding them then you can collect the pollen ?
I don’t myself but I know a few who do

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