Issues with gorilla glue

From a fellow grower: i need help with the gorilla glue strain.there is 2 strips of red on my main root and red leave stems and my leaves are curling in and crumbly and yellow spots on my leaves what could this be please help me?i know it is not ph lock out .

Pictures please. In natural light if you can. :v:


How do i down load pitchers here?

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If you just go to the lower right corner circled.
The left box will get you to your pictures on your phone and select the ones you want.
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Ok thanks

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@JEFFREY12. Welcome to I❤️GM.
From what I can see In the pics Over all they don’t look bad.

The only yellowing I can make out from the pics is on the bottom few leaves and that will happen as the plant grows and shades the bottoms.
They aren’t getting as much light as they were when smaller so they will naturally die off as the plant grows.
Also if a leaf is on or touching the soil it will die off and get crispy edges too.

Purpling on the leaf stems can be genetic.
Could also be potassium deficiency too.

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