Issue with toping and super cropping

A question from a fellow grower:

i have an issue with toping and super cropping my plants in veg. i dont know if im doing the right thing. Also when i look inside my plants in flower there is alot of yellow leaving in the bottom and in the middle. do i just pluck those off?

Yes you can remove the ones that are yellow, but don’t remove any of the others. You need them. As for topping /super cropping I will let someone better explain that. But you can download the grow bible here, it’s free and you will learn a lot.

There is a ongoing grow on this site by Garrigan62 for mainlining plants. A good reference for any type of problems is you tube. They will give you several options on the subject. Also Robert’s Grow guide is a great place for information on the subject. It is a free download and well worth the time to read. It will answer a lot of your questions.


For topping your plants you will pick the new leaf nodes out in the center, if it’s done correctly the you will have 2 stalks starting to for and grow above where the plant was topped. The 2 stalks will be the branches at the bottom of the node that was topped. Once the 2 stalks have formed 5 new sets I leads on each stalk remove the 2 bigger fan leaves from where your double stalks formed as it will help promote healthy growth for what’s to come I started topping my plants when I first started growing. I still top my plants but it’s to keep the short in the area their grown. Some strains also react well to being topped back as some do not, if you know what strain it is get back to me I’ll help you out of I can otherwise research it for further information

Did I top this right?
Too much sun?

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