Is too much oxygen good for a plant?

Is less oxygen good or bad. And how do I get more or less or rid of oxygen. Very stupid question I know. I just want to see if there is different changes in plant cycles.

Plants “breathe in” carbon dioxide & “exhale” oxygen. Too much oxygen will adversely affect your plant’s growth.

What happens if they get too much carbon dioxide. And how to make it. Sorry just curious and experimenting

From Cannabis Business Times:

Things to consider:

  • The CO2 in the air in a greenhouse or grow room can be depleted rapidly by actively growing plants. Plant growth ceases when the level gets below 200 ppm. A level above 1,500 ppm is not economic. A level above 5,000 ppm can be lethal to humans. Research has shown that levels of 800 to 1,000 ppm can increase cannabis yields 10 percent to 25 percent.
  • CO2 is only effective for plant-growth enhancement when there is light. In greenhouses, it is supplied starting early in the morning while it is cool. Once the vents are opened or fans activated, CO2 addition is stopped, as the cost usually exceeds the benefits. In growth rooms, it can be added as long as the temperature is below 90°F and the minimum light level is about 900 foot-candles. (A foot-candle is a measurement of illumination, “equivalent to the illumination produced by a source of one candle at a distance of one foot and equal to one lumen incident per square foot,” according to Random House Dictionary.)
  • Supplying CO2 from the combustion of fuel adds heat. In greenhouses, this is an advantage during winter, as it reduces the heating bill. During warm weather, the heat must be removed by ventilation or air conditioning. In growth rooms, lights usually give off too much heat, so tank-type CO2 should be used.
  • Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and distribution is best achieved with horizontal air flow (HAF) fans, turbulators, or fan and tube ventilation.
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@irma1010 the easiest thing to ensure free flow of air and a good mix of oxygen and CO2 is to have a simple fan blowing over the plants and a source of fresh air (especially if you have a sealed unit). For example, in my grow tent, I have a small ventilator fan drawing in air from the outside of the tent. In my larger room, which is a shower stall in a bathroom, I just have a fan blowing across the plants because there is enough free air being drawn in naturally into the bathroom.

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