Is this white shiny beautiful stuff on my leaves some kind if fungus or is it a good thing?

I was kinda laughing myself once I remembered the word Trichomes. I knew that’s what it was but when I googled why are my leaves turning white all my results were fungus, fungus, fungus and not a single Trichome. I do so hate Google when it’s like that. So how did your Harvest go? As of today I noticed that mine are no longer 1 little fluffy piece if popcorn at the tip of each branch, so now I am SUUUPER STOKED! Here’s an example…


Yeah, they’re going to swell up and should get real dense like a baseball bat kinda feel. Theres also a final swell during the last 2 weeks in flower. You can stop feeding nutrients around your 8th week or about 2 weeks before harvest. I did like you and hooked up my window AC unit to the intake on my tent and got some really nice colors. I got one that turn deep purple on the sugar leaves. Pretty cool…


Boi, I am all excited. Idk if I have any pretty colors, perse, but a couple of friends have mentioned how pretty my stalks are. They are striped purple/red and green. I read somewhere that red stems are bad but they don’t seem to be in my case. I got my tube and the end piece for 25¢ each at our local Bin Store. So I should then continue to give Nutes every time then? That sucks. I am 6 weeks into Flower and 3 weeks into ‘Full’ Flower. So I have what, like 5 weeks left, if that? And barely any Nutes left. I plan to do an Organic Grow next and shouldn’t need any Nutes.

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I think red stalks/stems means a Magnesium abundance. Alot of it has to do with strain also. I have read where its said its not a good sign but i had red stems also. I think it means if the stalk is abnormally red…i could be wrong though.

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Yeah, me too. Where they are so perfectly striped it has yo be natural. Certainly nothing wrong with my plants and they been that way all along.

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