Is this to much Grow lights

I have a 31x31x6 ft tent is 4 100 watt hlg lights with lm301h & 4lh351h Samsung diodes to much for that tent. I would like to do 4 plants. Thanks


It may be a little more than needed but certainly not too much. You can always raise the lights a bit to reduce the intensity at the canopy if you need to.


With that small of a tent grow Indica strains as they tend to be short and stout plants. Sativas need a lot of space.

I tried growing 4 plants in a 4’x4’x80” and I couldn’t pull it off. No space. Three plants forced the 4th into the corner and cooked Ramen Noodles had more strength than the 4th. So I had to pull it and still didn’t have room.

The photo is what I am talking about. All was Sativa dominant strains.


Oh my goodness!! That is a massive grow.
A 4x4 ? wowza. Now, I am on a mission. I have 3 sativa in my 4x4. only 1 sf4000 light. I can’t fit another one in there. Yours are beautiful


2 would do the job and that space would be better for just one plant.


@Hoovie MJ loves light especially during flower cycle…as @merlin44 and the rest noted be aware of heat and light level…do you have a way to measure the light intensity PAR level…

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Small space for that many plants think I would just try two

I’d rather have too much light than not enough. From a practical standpoint though, hanging and adjusting 4 fixtures would be a pain. I’d recommend getting a single fixture, but you’ll want more than 100w. Just my 2 cents.


Ur tent is only 4" wider and 4" longer than the tent I use and I only grow one plant at a time in my tent

I have another tent double the size of the one I’m currently using and I’m only planning to get three plants going at a time in the bigger tent once I get the light I want for it. U may have to just lower ur expectations a smidge or get a bigger tent than the one ur using now