Is this stretching too much?

My first seeds were only half the height as this one when they had multiple leaves. just wondering if this is still ok or if I should do something more?

You can wiggle the stem back and forth after watering to stop the stretch and strengthen the stalk, but I like a little stretch on my seedling so that I can place it as far down in my netpot as possible since my Hydroton needs to go to a certain height to ensure no light leaks through. Honestly, I would just let the little one go on its natural course because it won’t be stretching much more once the leaf production kicks in which it looks like it has.


Great! Thanks again

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You should be good they always stretch out when seeds are new with hydroponic it’s doesn’t matter because it becomes the plant with soil u can just buried it up to the bottom

When you transplant to a bigger pot you can bury the stem if it gets too tall. :v::bear: