Is this Rust on my Auto Zskittle?

The leaves are from a Auto Zskittles which is 1 of 5. The other plants are showing no Rust at all, they get exactly the same water, feed and green house conditions.
The Rust spots appeared after 1 week from germination.
Could it be a genetic thing ?
Any advice will be returned with Good Vibes from Western Wales UK…I thank you in advance James68

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Are you misting the plant with the lights on? :love_you_gesture:

thanks for replying.
i am growing in a conservatory with natural light and misting occasionally as i fear the dreaded Botrytis.
The plant is almost 5 weeks old.

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Have you done a thorough pest inspection :love_you_gesture:

I sure have and nothing to report on that front.
I suspect its faulty genetics :scream: