Is this ready to be cut down

@Countryboyjvd1971 can you give me a little more info on it?
And would you split from where it’s topped?

I have six plants flowering so I’ll try it on one or two.

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Sure @Snowman
You want to split stem at bass of plant a couple inches off the soil place a wire tie or similar above and below the section your going to split
You want to be below the off shoot stems and above soil
Split a section 2-3 inches place a pencil or two through split to keep stem separated this will prevent any up take from soil do this one week to two days before harvest
Once split your commitment to harvest FYI
I’ll try to find a old picture for you of one I split there a guide also on it in guide section of forum
Happy growing :v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971!
I will give this a shot and post a pic. Need to go read over my plans tonight to see how far till chop.
Maybe I’ll try one a week before and one a few days before.

@Countryboyjvd1971 and just out of curiosity have you done or ever seen a plant split from the top down? Like completely separate the entire stem from where the plants first topped?

Sure thing @Snowman tag me if you have any more questions about this or anything else you may need assistance with sir
I’m around most days for a while anyway hahaha :+1: CB :v:
Yeah i have not seen anything like that @Snowman
If you decide to try that definitely tag me hahaha
@Hogmaster have you ever heard of this what snowman is asking about ??

Thanks alot man I will definitely keep you informed @Countryboyjvd1971.

Well maybe I should split three differently and see what happens.

Yes you are committed once you do it… countryboy I dI’d mine a week before harvest and after 3 days you see the most difference so I won’t go a week this time mabey just 4 or 5 days but once you do it she starts dying off pretty quick