Is this plant pollinated?

3 weeks of flower and pistils turning brown already. Are these seed sacks? If so is it worth growing?

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i dont see any seed sacks


Those are swollen caylx not seed pods.
As for the red hairs. Maybe check light height/intensity. Over all good looking grow


First grow. Light height and intensity…think the red hairs is caused by too much light?

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whats your PPFD or DLI reading?

How do i measure that? I have lux

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i use an app that shows both, im pretty sure its not totally accurate but it makes a good guide line

whats your lux? they make a calculator to convert it

850 and 75

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you should be good in my opinion

My meter told me it was too high. Lol idk. Well my meter on my phone app

600 to 900 is good for flowering amd even more towards the end, but gotta watch to see how she reacts to it

I appreciate it!

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Try an app called tent buddy. It’s free, and seems fairly close with my android phone. It also tells you what’s ideal for the stage your plants in.

The pistols will go brown then a bunch of new pistols will come out but no ur plant isnt pollenated and you wouldnt know this early in flower anyway you would more notice seeds towards the end of flower stage

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