Is this plant Hermaphrodite?

Hi guys,
Are these 2 plants Herm’d?
If tricomes are mostly white can i still get a decent smoke?
Also can i just let her , him. keep going to get seeds?


Hate say they have male parts you will probably end up with seeds

The bananas right?
They only appeared recently so Ive pulled the plants.
Their Trics are full so I assume smoking will still have some kick.
These plants I purposely decided to take further down harvest track but had some hectic weather mustve stressed them too much.
Good news is I will be needing seeds at some point so now I know how to get em


You will still have some good smoke but however if you do have seeds they maybe hermies aswell but the only way to find out is to plant some and find out


If they’re not ready pull any nanners you see and any new that come up and keep trucking to the finish. Any seed’s from this grow will likely be a hermi as well. The genetics are not strong and would be worthless to continue.


My last grow one of my plants started show those nanners. I plucked the ones I could. I have harvested them and I found no seeds. And might I say the smoke is REAL GOOD!! Happy Growing :v::blush:


Unfortunately yes , I you have nanners Pluck and out for the best.

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