Is this northern lights turning herme?

I don’t see any boy parts but I can’t see your pic very well because of the color light

By the way welcome to the neighborhood

Thankyou, first grow not sure if sacks or not can’t see any bananas. Having a real PH issue.

Look okay to me, if they’re going to show up anywhere it’d be out of the flowers.
What do you think your PH issue is?

More than likely a vpd issue, leaves look a little on the dry side as the buds look very airy. What’s your kPa at?

Thanks for the feedback, PH drifting was sitting at 6.9 to 7.5 for a few weeks in early stages having troubles keeping soil in good range, think it might havebeen due to not soaking the perlite. Not sure was kPa is, have only started using notes in last 2 weeks. Using premium soil.