Is this normal or is it hermies?

My plants are at day 21 of flower and the pestiles are turning orange which is a bit early for it I believe …so are they turning hermie? On me it’s only doing it to a few top colas like in the pic and the rest have a few orange hairs so is it the plant is just going to bulk up and produce new ones or are they going to hermie…if they do should I just pull the bananas when I see them…it is indoor and only 2 female plants so not too sure how they could have…now I did get the seeds from a friend that was bag seed but he said it was green crack…any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou for your time

![20170823_194850|374x500]can anyone tell me what this is as well not sure if it’s a def or just the strain.the purple petioles are only on the top part of the petiole and it is only doing it ones getting direct light (upload://kqtreAMHELBhjyAXJ8ciGzFwATZ.jpg)

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Looking at those pics it’s kind of hard to tell but it looks like you have some bananas forming in the top of those buds.
@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 what do you guys think? I’m not sure how one would proceed if finding bananas that early on. I’ve found them late in a grow and just plucked them off but it was only one of them it looks like he has quite a few going on those buds.

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K I thought so unfortently I’ll just pluck em and watch them carefully and go from there I guess…thanks tho

I can’t say for certain I can’t tell by the picture it’s still a little blurry but yes it kind a looks that way as if they might be bananas sorry buddy hopefully were wrong

Just wait for a couple of days to see if from there will go out some tiny white hair.
I think your bud is increasing and that you see is new flowers… Just my opinion… I also suspect my clone but I was mistaken.
PS A picture in natural light will help us more, and a little closer but whitout zoom.

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Ya can’t really do natural light they are scrogged but ya I was going to see how it does in a few days and go from there as it could just be the strain…thanks tho

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Just switch off the light and take a picture whit you phone and use the light of that.

The picture is not good enough (the top is blurry) try another one please… Sorry… Just wait before you make any decisions!

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I think you’re fine… Just new flowers… @Aquaponic_Dumme @bob31 what do you think guys?

I was Having the same question 3-4 weeks ago and ended with more flowers.


If you are asking about the Quantum Boards they can be found at Horticulture Lighting Group.
I built a light like there HLG 550. Under this light the buds are 2 to 3 times bigger then under the red and blue China lights that I have. They make a big difference in flowering and well worth the investment