Is this normal or a problem?

Hi there, this is my first year growing and I’m coming into the last few weeks with my obama kush indica and have my hybrid sunset sherbet about 3 weeks behind the obama. I have them in a greenhouse in my backyard here in oregon and haven’t had too many problems. I had the start of aphids on the sunset before I moved them into the greenhouse and have seen a few little fly type insects by the dirt as well as a few scattered black spots on the leaves. I treated them both originally with SNS 209 spray but stopped that once they came into flower. Since flowering I’ve released two swarms of 1500 ladybugs into the tent but the majority of them are in other parts of the garden now. I fertilize twice a week with nature’s pride bloom. Anyway just wanted to make sure I finish my plants out strong so I wanted to make sure everything I’m seeing is normal. Thank you.

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They are very pretty. Are the bite marks new or is this leftover after treatment? Your older fan leaves will naturally die off when she no longer needs them.

No the bite marks are not new. The yellowing is.