Is this mould on the bud

Hi guys, please look at the bud and leaves below the bud

, they were all squeezed together and started lookin a bit greyish to me. i seperated bud from leaves to allow better air/sun to penetrate.
Does this look like grey mould? , the leaves close to bud and bud itself look a bit deformed - please advise - should i just cut off this top to prevent any spread? - rather safe than sorry? :slight_smile:

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What your humidity level and do you have fan blowing on plants.

OK, i’ve spread the bud/leaves open a little more & think i found the problem / culprit, please look at pics below,

there seems to be a worm of some kind cocooned right in the centre of the bud - this is obviously a problem, not meant to be this way right? - should i just cut off this top & be done with this problem ?, there are several other good lookin buds on this plant - has not spread as far as i can see - please help

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oh, sorry Rex, should’ve mentioned - outdoor balcony grow

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Pick the little bastard out and squash him! There is probably some damaged material there but if it’s not obviously dead I’d leave it to sort itself out.

You may want to invest in some insect screens. I live in SoCal and we fight the caterpillars here. Last fall was especially bad.


haha, thx guys, i’ve gone ahead & cut off that top, 15 other good lokin tops to look forward to, no use risking all of them, many thanks for the input :+1: