Is this little guy ok?

This is the feeding chart I use. I also added Kelp me, kelp you and Wholly Mackerel. So this feeding chart is perfect. I usually for the first month use only 1 dose for 1 week. Watch the plants slowly for any problems that may arise. :+1:

You need to be careful because Fox Farms has a booklet about the different grow techniques aka Hydro and Soil. Then there is a Rasta one as well. This one is for FF Soil mediums.

You also are recommended to flush as well.

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My prob is when to switch from seedlings to vegetative and flowering? I can follow the proper chart, but there are sooo many different nutes to consider in that box of a dozen bottles. Kangaroots? Microbe Brew? Bembe? They are all in there. Plus there seems to be two sets of very much the same stuff, a green set and a purple set!

Just a guess, but during the weeks 5,6,7 (flush) then I mix those nutes in 1/8 portions and feed week 5 once, then a week later feed week 6, then a week later feed week 7, wash, rinse, repeat until they go into flower stage then flush and move on with the same type program for weeks 8 thru 10? Then what about the last two, weeks 11 & 12?

The last couple weeks I would be just using water. Normally you feed twice a week aka 2 gallons total. I don’t like to shock the plant all at once. Also the plant will tell you if there is or isn’t enough nutrients.


I she looking any better? One side looks as that the branch has split again.

Here is one of my other three plants. How does she look?